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Walking the World of Glass

W a l z ² - an extensive educational glass journey around the globe.


Driven by the desire to increase our knowledge that we have gained throughout our apprenticeship, we have developed the project Walz² - Walking the World of Glass.

Within the crafts, journeyman years (German Wanderjahre, Walz) have a long tradition: They root back to medieval times, when travelling for several years after having completed the apprenticeship was a common thing to do.


Motivated by the goal of running our own glass studio in the near future, we contacted highly professional glassblowers and -artists to do intensive internships. The result is a route along which we are going to visit some of the most important glass centers and work at renowed studios worldwide

Our Route

1. Provincial Archaeological Museum (PAM), Velzeke, August 2019


2. Fluïd – Belle-Île-en-Mer, France, September - December 2019


3. Glashütte Comploj, Wien, Österreich, January 2020 (internship)


4. Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert – Paris, France, February - April

    2020 (internship)

5. Devereux and Huskie Glassworks – Hilperton, England,

    April 2020 (visit)

6. Baldwin & Guggisberg – Hares Green, Wales, April 2020 (visit)

7. London Glassblowing – London, England, April 2020 (visit)

8. Northlands Creative – Lybster, Scotland, April 2020 (visit)

9. Klart Glass – Tjura, Norway, April - July 2020 (internship)


10. Glass Art Society Conference –

      The Glass Factory, Småland, Sweden, May 2020 (internship)

11. Lasismi – Riihimäki, Finland, July 2020 (internship)

12. Anna Mlasowsky & Matthew Szösz Studio – Seattle, WA, USA,

      Fall 2020 (internship)

13. Tacoma Museum of Glass – Tacoma, WA, USA, Fall 2020 (tba)

14. Corning Museum of Glass – New York, USA, Fall 2020 (tba)

15. Jam Factory – South Yarra, Victoria, Australia, Spring 2021 (tba)

16. Studio Fresco – Osaka, Japan, Spring 2021 (short internship)

17. Toyama Glass Art Museum – Toyama, Japan, Spring 2021 (tba)

18. The Glass Furnace – Istanbul, Turkey, Summer 2021 (tba)

19. Murano – Italy, Summer 2021

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